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Massimo Zanetti buys Kauai Coffee

Massimo Zanetti, the Italian-based mega coffee roasting company best known in the USA for brands including Chock Full ‘O Nuts, Hills Brothers, Chase and Sanborn, MJB and Segafredo Zanetti today announced the acquisition of the Kauai Coffee Company from Alexander & Baldwin. Kauai Coffee is America’s largest coffee grower (duh for those of you in […]

Another flawed Kona coffee labeling bill nears approval

State legislators in Honolulu have again taken a stumble aimed at protecting the Kona origin name on in-state sold retail roasted coffee packages. Kona, the coffee farming origin best known for its high price, non-distinct flavor and a zealous farming community has been embattled on the issue of labeling for nearly 30 years. A new […]

SCAE Wrap-up of the St. Petersburg European Team Coffee Challenge

Thanks again to Chris Speirs for hosting me at the 2011 European Team Coffee Challenge in St. Petersburg Russia last week. You can read a complete summary of the event (a sort of coffee competition meets The Apprentice reality television show) on the SCAE blog. [ad#inline] Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It […]

Andrew on Nespresso in Time Magazine

Nespresso is Western Europe’s dominant single serve coffee system and also the most reliable decent cup of coffee available in some emerging specialty coffee markets. I had the pleasure of commenting on Nestle’s fastest growing brand for Time Magazine, available online and on magazine stands now. [ad#inline] Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How […]