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Coffee: a canary in the coal mine for climate change

Coffee Leaft Rust

This morning I was interviewed for a cable network television show about climate change and more specifically about its connection to coffee leaf rust. It was a short piece and it’s hard to say how much of what we discussed will be aired but I found the reporter’s questions perfectly on-target for consumers to understand […]

Sprudge: Ka’u coffee threat not imminent

Some readers saw my Tweet the other day that asked the rhetorical question, “Will Hawaii’s prized Ka’u coffee be bulldozed to build condos?” along with a link to an accompanying story from our local paper. From the comments I’ve received since, it appears that not everyone read the attachment and some may have jumped to […]

How to win a barista competition

Do you want to learn what it takes to win the World Barista Championship? Take this sage advice from reigning world champion (The) Pete Licata posted to his blog today. In seven years of competing, his dedication and organized method of practice led to “thirteen top 3 trophies in sixteen events,” including “eight 1st place […]

Office coffee aspires to suck less

An article this morning in the Upstart Business Journal looks at the success of Joyride Coffee Distributors, a clever New York venture that delivers coffees from top specialty roasters like Blue Bottle, Counter Culture and Stumptown to your office. The piece continues to discuss the expansion of the specialty coffee industry segment and some of […]

Brazil Late Harvest Auction Results

Fazena Rainha

The Brazil 2014 Cup of Excellence Late Harvest auction was held last week, showing modest incremental gains in an otherwise challenging market environment. It’s been a turbulent few weeks for the ‘C’ market, with commodity coffee prices nearly doubling since February and topping out recently at just over $2.00/lb. That sort of instability sends specialty […]