The Barista Guild of America announces the Western Barista Guild Jam, this June 3-4, hosted by Barefoot Coffee Roasters and the Professional Culinary Institute of Campbell, California. For further details, please visit the WBGJ Website.

The Barista Guild of America is an international trade organization for baristas.

The Barista Guild focuses on enhancing coffee quality, promoting quality and cultivating a sophisticated public face for the industry.

The purpose of a Barista Guild Jam is to foster community between Baristas and retailers within a particular region as well as the Barista community and the Specialty Coffee Industry worldwide. These events, which, officially sanctioned by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and the Barista Guild of America (BGA), offer all participants a high level of training and education that will expand their knowledge and skills. At BGA Regional Barista Jams, experts from the Specialty Coffee Industry address topics of interest for Baristas and retailers of all levels, including but not limited to espresso and milk preparation, cupping and tasting coffees, coffee origin appreciation, equipment maintenance, coffee roasting and Barista Competitions. All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged to attend these exciting educational events!

The Barista Guild Jam is June 3rd and 4th 2006 in the ever so lovely Bay Area. Our gracious hosts the Professional Culinary Institute have given the Barista community their 20,000 square foot culinary school facility for the event. PCI is located in Campbell, CA in the south bay.