For any of you that were stuck in those long registration lines and missed the sessions, Andrew Hetzel’s two standing-room-only presentations from the 2007 Specialty Coffee Association of America annual conference in Long Beach, California are now available to download, below:

Negotiation and Bargaining for the Coffee Business Owner

From employee scheduling to dealing with landlords or buying or selling a business, getting what you want depends on your negotiation skill. This session shows you the tactics used by business experts to get what they want while reaching agreement with others.

Learning Goals:
This session is designed to achieve awareness of the underlying fundamentals of human communication and concept of negotiation to help the participant identify opportunities to reshape communication to his or her advantage. Basic strategies will be demonstrated that may be immediately applied by the participant in their everyday life – from choosing a restaurant for dinner that evening, negotiating with vendors and customers or when completing a major transaction, such as buying or selling a business.

Download (PDF)

Effective Sales Techniques for Coffee Roasters

The finest of artisan craftsmanship is academic unless specialty coffee roasters effectively sell the coffee that they work so hard to produce. This 75 minute session focuses on effective strategies used by sales professionals – with no gimmicks or tricks – that will coffee roasters to identify and understand the psychology of selling and provide the basic tools needed to sell more coffee at higher prices than the competition.

Learning Goals:
This session will help wholesale roasters to assess what they know about their clients, discover what they don’t know and learn who and what they need to know to develop a winning sales program.

Download (PDF):