Bar None Coffee opens for business in Georgetown, Texas, marking the entrance of a new generation of specialty coffee shops into the Lone Star State.

“You won’t find a jumbo 20 oz drink anywhere on our menu,” boasts proprietor Linda Silva. “Fast food coffee chains use large volumes of milk to hide bitter, over-roasted coffee; our customers will experience the sweet taste of espresso prepared correctly.”

Bar None Coffee features a menu of flavorful specialty coffee beverages prepared by highly trained baristas that follow traditional ingredient proportions and serving sizes, including a traditional cappuccino served in a 6-oz ceramic demitasse. An upscale but distinctively Texas-styled seating area allows customers to comfortably enjoy beverages and light food fare with friends.

Recognizing the value of convenience to the American commuter, coffee at Bar None is also available to go from a drive-up window.

“The best coffee shops in the world focus on small beverages that demonstrate their ability to prepare naturally sweet and balanced espresso,” says espresso expert Andrew Hetzel of retail consulting firm Cafemakers. Hetzel continues, “Bar None Coffee is part of an emerging class of independent coffee shops that are using quality to their advantage in the face of multiunit competition – the figurative deck of cards is stacked against large operators in the area of beverage quality.”

Adds Silva, “we’re going to change the Texas expectation that bigger is better where it comes to fine coffee.”