Brew Ha Ha! gets serious with the addition of seven serious coffee beverages at its store in Center City, Philadelphia.

Brew Ha Ha!’s menu additions include traditionally-prepared small but intense specialty coffee beverages, original Brew Ha Ha! signature creations, and a selection of premium French pressed single origin coffees. A new coffee tasting flight pairs chocolates with a sampler of 3 contrasting varietals for the flavor curious.

“Serious times call for serious coffee,” cautions Brew Ha Ha! owner Alisa Morkides, “the demand for satisfying rich coffee flavor is reaching historic levels, so we see no alternative but to bring these great tasting beverages to our area, which is going to mean that customers will have more choices.”

The addition of serious coffee delights is expected to create a dilemma for city coffee lovers: to stand by longtime favorites like the Brew Ha Ha! mocha latte or to indulge in the serious coffee flavor of an intense espresso macchiato and real 5 oz traditional cappuccino.

“It’s a big deal,” continues Morkides. “Coffee drinkers are fiercely loyal to their favorite flavor combinations; you don’t just switch from being a mochachino drinker to an espresso drinker overnight. It takes some serious consideration before making that scale of lifestyle change.”

The new serious coffee menu will be available on Tuesday, December 18 at 212 S. 12th Street in Center City, Philadelphia and at all Brew Ha Ha! locations in January. Are you ready to get serious?