It’s just what we never asked for: a combination computer and coffee cup. The makers of this coffee cup computer foresee that morning coffee drinkers will use the device to check weather, traffic, email and stocks, or simply enjoy a soothing screen saver while enjoying a favorite morning brew.

There is one problem: the interface. Do you really expect that someone eating the greasy, sticky syrupy breakfast shown in the photo is going to be able to operate a touchscreen computer? …and is a cylinder really the best display format?

Yuno PC

Note to the designers: people don’t pickup coffee cups only by the handle; they’re going to have their greasy mitts all over your nice screen unless it’s behind a cup sleeve.

As I see it, there is only one best application for this type of technology (and you’re not going to like it): advertising. That’s right folks, we can all look forward to the day that even our morning coffee cups sing the praises of low interest rate mortgages and erectile dysfunction medications while we try to peacefully enjoy our morning breakfast or commute. Hooray for the future.