Norway has had the highest per-capita coffee consumption in the world for a while now, but last year’s consumption figures posted by Norsk Kaffeinformasjon (the Norwegian Coffee Association) are truly astounding.

More coffee anyone?

You may have heard that Norwegians are heavy drinkers – of coffee that is. Here are the facts: In 2007 we consumed 45,000 tonnes of coffee! – an increase by 500,000 kilos.

This is according to fresh figures from Norsk Kaffeinformasjon. And it means that every coffee-drinking Norwegian consumed an average of 2192 cups of coffee last year, says Informaation Director Marit Lynes. This means that Norwegians still tops the list of coffee drinking European nations, she says.

Surveys show that there are nearly 2.8 million coffee-drinking Norwegians, out of a population of over 4.5 million. She says that black coffee is still the most popular, despite all the trendy coffee bars popping up all over. Sixty per cent of the coffee is consumed at home, – 30 per cent at the workplace.