…or so says this article from The Pitch, a Kansas City food blog that recently interviewed our friend from PT’s Coffee.

You may notice (above, left) the publicity photo for “Coffee Prince,” a hugely popular Korean drama television series. What you may not notice is that the WBC logo backdrop and trophy are complete fabrications created by the series, and may I add, without permission. Pretty wild. I suggest that the WBC should pursue the makers of Coffee Prince to collect a portion of the show’s royalties.

Back to Pete:

Pete Licata is a world class barista who practices his art at PT’s Coffee on the KU Edwards Campus in Overland Park. In May, he placed second at this year’s United States Barista Championship, a national competition amongst serious baristas in Minneapolis. We caught up with him at PT’s, where we heard about how coffee competitions turned Licata from a mohawked, crappy-clothes-wearing slacker into a champion.

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