King Car Food Ind Co Ltd of Taiwan, has boldly declared their Mr. Brown’s ready-to-drink coffee product as (and I quote) “safe for human consumption.”

In their defense, one of their other products was recently listed as tainted with poisonous melamine …on second thought, maybe that’s not such a good defense.

Specialty coffee brand marketers should seize this slogan as an opportunity to differentiate their coffee from their competitors. If an independent coffee label claims that their coffee is also safe for human consumption, what does that say about Starbucks? Hmmm….

Mr Brown coffee sold in Brunei has been declared safe for human consumption by its manufacturer, King Car Food Ind Co Ltd in Taiwan. This was highlighted by its distributor in Brunei, Aiking Trading Co Sdn Bhd to the Bulletin to clear the air arising from the melamine contamination.

Mr Brown coffee is not the same product as Mr Brown 3-in-1 and mandheling packet coffee. Just last week, the Ministry of Health listed Mr Brown 3-in-1 and mandheling packet coffee as tainted items due to melamine contamination. Mr Brown’s distributor in Brunei informed the public that Mr Brown 3-in-1 and mandheling packet coffee is not sold in Brunei,” they said.

The manufacturer declared and guaranteed that the milk powder used in all Mr Brown coffee come from Australia and New Zealand and has been used for over 25 years.

Being a responsible company, when the news about melamine contamination first broke out, King Car Food has proactively taken the step to test its products with independent non-profit laboratories and Mr Brown coffee was found not to contain melamine.

In addition, AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority) Singapore has also tested products under the Mr Brown brand sold in Singapore, including Mr Brown coffee and given them the all-clear as reported in the Singapore’s Strait Times on September 24, 2008.

Always working for their customers and to reassure members of the public, Aiking Trading said they are ready to fax or mail out all lab test reports, related certificates and all local and overseas press releases. The public can call their hotline at 2640209.