I’ll admit to being a little nerdy but it’s not always without purpose. For example, I may be one of the few people in the coffee industry that routines reads reports from my server logs. I find it to be an interesting way to learn about new trends or news stories posted on the Internet, often times involving my name or business name.

This morning’s report contained an unusual nugget, about a dozen separate sources searching for the combined keywords “It’s a Grind Gloria Jeans,” including one searcher originating from the address mail.itsagrind.com. All of them found an article on my website originally written in Nation’s Restaurant News that discusses It’s a Grind’s plans to become a major player in the US coffee market, but also makes mention of the Gloria Jeans name.

What can it all mean? I don’t yet know, as I was also unable to find a press release or other news on the subject and have no inside information. If you know of some development, please send me a message.