In the age of social media manipulation and overused, overstated claims of “the finest, rarest coffee the world has ever seen,” it’s refreshing to see one company stand out with a unique form of advertising: humbly telling the truth. Shocking concept, but that’s exactly what Crop to Cup Coffee Company has done in their new promotional video.

“Coffee is food.” “…instead of searching the world over for the best coffees, we search the world over for the best people in coffee…” “…investing in people simply makes sense.” Good reasonable message, right?

It may not have the same marketing hook as the Kopi Luwak sham and it won’t tug at your heartstrings like the story that Starbucks’ social media “blogger outreach” team pitched to me, unbelievably, about a guy who buys Starbucks coffee (only Starbucks, of course) for cancer patients on Valentine’s Day, but that’s a good thing.

Sustainable marketing is necessary to support a sustainable business model. Only after we cut through all of the hype can we truly get down to the business of making coffee better and making better coffee.