Three Ka’u coffee farms were recognized this past week by the Roasters Guild of the Specialty Coffee Association of America in its annual Coffee of the Year competition, they are:

  • The Rising Sun / Will and Grace Farms, farmers Will and Grace Tabios;
  • Rusty’s Hawaiian, farmer Lorie Obra; and
  • Ali’i Hawaiian Hula Hands Coffee, farmers Francis and Trinidad Marques

All three were in the top 10 coffees of the year from over 250 judged by an independent panel of professional cuppers. This is the 5th time in 6 years that Ka’u coffees have placed among the top 10 coffees of the world in the annual competition.

Reviewing competition results available online back to 2009, no other coffee from Hawaii placed in the top 10, emphasizing the inherent benefit of being #2 to its better known sister district Kona: you try harder.

All the winning coffees will be on display to taste at the 2012 SCAA Exposition in Portland, Oregon in April. You can taste the Ka’u entries and meet all the winning farmers in person at the 2012 Ka’u Coffee Festival, which will be held in Pahala, Hawaii on Saturday, May 12.