Video presentations and materials below are from day two of the WIPO Regional Conference on Adding Value to Coffee Production with Intellectual Property, held November 11, 2021. Day one’s conference recordings can be found here.

Ethical Coffee Certification: What it Means and Why it Matters

Molly Harriss Olson, CEO, Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand

Article (PDF): Ethical Coffee Certification – What it means and Why it matters

Creating a Country Brand

Pacita ‘Chit’ Juan, Philippine Coffee Board and Entrepreneur

Article (PDF): Kape Isla – A Country Brand

Brand, Story, and Relationships in Coffee that Create Stakeholder Value

Sara Morrocchi, Founder, VUNA Origin Consulting

Article (PDF): Interview with Sara Morrochi and Dennise Yeh of VUNA Origin Consulting

Enhanced Traceability of Specialty Coffee: Value Chain Enhancements

Stephen Hurst, Founder, Mercanta, the Coffee Hunters

Article (PDF): Enhanced Traceability for Specialty Coffee Beans

IP Considerations for Coffee Variety Development

Kraig Kraft, Asia and Africa Director, World Coffee Research

Supporting Development of Geographic Indications as Instruments of Sustainable Rural Development

Stephane Passeri, Intellectual Property Consultant, WIPO, FAO and other Organizations