Q Grader Online Courses

Are Q Grader certificate and calibration courses offered online? Some Q programs created by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) may be delivered fully online with online testing to obtain a certificate. As of 2023, only entry-level Q Processing courses are eligible. The curriculum for these courses cover post-harvest processing basics, including an introduction to common coffee processing methods, good practices, and fermentation chemistry. A list of all available Q Courses, including online processing courses is found in the schedule database on CQI’s website.

Q Grader coffee cupping (tasting) certificate courses are not offered online. The content of this program requires in-person instruction and evaluation of practical skills that cannot be easily duplicated online. However, this does not prevent someone from preparing to take a course by using online materials. Free resources, including the Q Grader study guide posted to this website, can help you to understand and prepare for the series of exams. Knowing how exams are structured and scored will help you to perform better when taking your course. The guide also includes helpful tips from a longtime Q Grader and former Q Instructor who led classes worldwide.

In addition to written resources, check out this excellent fully online Q Grader Prep course offered by our partners at CoffeeCourses.com. Led by industry expert and early Q Program designer Willem Boot, the prep course explores concepts outlined in the study guide in more detail. It’s one of a series of other online knowledge and skills courses available individually or included in the Coffee Pro 3.0 education package on-demand.