Q Grader Study Guide

How do I prepare for the Q Grader course’s many exams?

It’s a good question and one that is not easy to quickly answer. Some may prefer to attend a Q Grader certification course blind as a baseline assessment of his or her coffee cupping skill level. That’s admirable, but for most of us, the cost of US$2,000 or more plus travel and a week away from work is an incentive to perform as best as we can. Use this Q Grader study guide to help you prepare. If successful, you can pass all the course’s 20+ exams and bring home a certificate in exchange for the investment.

Although Q courses are open to participants at any cupping skill level. Be aware that it is completely normal for experienced cuppers to fail some of the program’s exercises. Begin preparing for the exams a few weeks or months in advance of a scheduled class to improve your likelihood of passing. Repeat the exercises after becoming a CQI certified Q Grader to maintain proficiency.

For a small investment, take the online Q prep course offered by Boot Coffee to increase your familiarity and see what to expect. It will help you build confidence and confirm that the full in-person certification program is right for you.

Once you’ve completed the program, make use of your investment. Come back to the Q Grader study guide for reference. Cup coffee daily to keep your skills sharp! This is not a one time exercise, it’s only the beginning.