Better coffee, better business – evolve and improve

Coffee professionals for 20 or 30 years will tell you there is always something new to learn about coffee. If you run out of new ideas or are unable to otherwise some way to improve yourself or your business, it may be a good time to move on. There is always better coffee.

Consider the Japanese principles of Kaizen.  Kaizen is the philosophy of management and continuous improvement credited for Japan’s economic success after WWII. Coming from the words, “renew the heart and make it good,” means improvement.  Improvement not only in the bottom line financial health of a company but also the small improvements:

  • home life
  • social life, and
  • working life.

Alone, these changes may seem small and insignificant.  Over time they enhance performance, personal satisfaction, and quality of life. They make your business and your coffee better too.

The companies that openly embrace these principles also tend to be among the best performing.

Companies don’t take part in the Specialty Coffee Association or World Coffee Events to become successful. It is the type of company that pursues improvement that sees the most benefit from participation.  Companies that look for ways to improve are the ones most successful in business.

Make the pursuit of small improvements in knowledge and performance part of your company culture. The business will be more enjoyable and rewarding.  You’ll also be more likely to find the financial success that you seek. With better coffee, everyone wins.