Q Tutoring

The Q Grader or Q Robusta courses designed by the Coffee Quality Institue is not a training program, it is a certification exam — essentially, a series of tests conducted over 5 days, each with a short introduction demonstration or lecture. The assumption is made that by enrolling in a Q Grader course, you are an advanced coffee cupper and have a basic understanding of the Q System’s (or Robusta Q System’s) tests. Few test subjects (students) pass all 22 exams on his or her first attempt.

Make the best use of your test enrollment fee, travel costs and valuable time away from work and home by training to improve your skill and the likelihood of passing your certification exam with advance preparation.

Test guidance, study recommendations and general knowledge tutoring can be provided online at your convenience, and be sure to read our free online guide How to Study for a Q-Grader Exam.

We can additionally recreate any of the Q Grader or R Grader tests in person at one of our facilities or your business location anywhere, worldwide.

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