Sensory Training

Le Nez du Cafe

We conduct sensory training exercises that enhance coffee professionals’ ability to identify and communicate coffee flavor and aroma characteristics. Scheduled half-day and full-day sessions are made available periodically throughout the year with pre-defined skill building exercises or you may contact us to customize a course to your specific learning and performance goals.

Exercises may include:

  • Flavor component tasting: aqueous solutions are used to identify varying intensities and combinations of the primary flavor components (sweet, sour, salt, bitter)
  • Olfactory senses: aroma vials allow participants to match and identify primary aromatic characteristics in coffee
  • Taste memory: Food and beverage samples are used to sharpen coffee flavor and texture identification and recall.
  • Organic acid identification: primary coffee taste acids (malic, citric, acetic, phosphoric, quinic, chlorogenic, lactic) are sampled at varying intensities and in combination, both in plain water and coffee, to assess impact of the perception of flavor
  • Coffee defects: clean coffee samples are tainted with common defects at low and high inensity for practice in defect detection and identification