Hula Daddy Kona Coffee of Hawaii has received an historic 97-point score out of a possible 100 for its Sweet Kona Light Roast coffee in the December edition of Coffee Review. The score makes Hula Daddy the highest-ever rated Hawaiian coffee and ties only 3 other rare coffees worldwide (two from Africa and one from Panama) that have received an equivalent score in the publication’s 11-year history. No coffee has ever received a higher point score.

The coffee originated from Hula Daddy’s 14-acre farm on the slope of Mt. Hualalai.

Coffee Review founder and veteran coffee taster Ken Davids described the flavor as, “the purest dried-in-the-fruit coffee I have ever cupped. Extraordinarily complex, lush yet pure, cleanly and delicately wine-like, it seems to display all of the complexly fruit-promoting virtues of dry processing without a hint of the nagging, astringent downside.”

Both Ken Davids and Hula Daddy owner Karen Jue credit the achievement to the addition of roastmaster Miguel Meza, who Davids calls “one of specialty coffee’s younger visionaries.” Mr. Meza recently relocated to Hawaii from Minnesota, where he built a reputation for quality as the roaster and green coffee buyer for Paradise Coffee.

Upon learning of the achievement, Mr. Meza commented, “if there was ever any doubt, this proves that Kona Coffee deserves to be ranked among the great coffees of the world.”

A second selection of Hula Daddy 100% Kona Private Reserve reviewed in the same December 2008 publication received an “outstanding” score of 90, making it the second highest Kona coffee reviewed in 2008.

Both coffees are available for retail sale at Hula Daddy’s visitor center in Holualoa on the Big Island of Hawaii and on their website at

About Hula Daddy Coffee

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee is a boutique coffee estate located above the town of Kona, Hawaii on the slope of Mount Hualalai volcano. All of the coffee offered by Hula Daddy is grown on its private 14-acre plantation. Hula Daddy is committed to offering extraordinary 100% Kona coffee and exceptional customer service. For more information, please visit