Coffee Value Chain Consulting for Economic Development

Improve productivity and value of trade for farmers

Coffee Value Chain Analysis

Strategic specialty coffee industry research and critical analyses supporting decision-making for private coffee businesses, investors, and international development agencies. Providing technical advice and guidance during planning and implementation of interventions

Coffee Policy Guidance

Assistance designing national agriculture policy that improves income from coffee production as a sustainable, high-value specialty crop. Providing relevant political economy advice related to the coffee sector so all understand the issues clearly

Coffee Trade Linkages

Connecting exporters to suitable international market players who have the incentive, and ability to influence a change in the market system for coffee. Design and execution of programs that create sustainable trade linkages between buyers and coffee producers through public-private partnerships and direct trade activity

Management Consulting

Business planning, marketing and brand creation, communication, risk analysis, inventory and personnel management training and best practices to improve smallholder or SME performance

Technical Reports and Studies

Coffee industry technical research reports and custom studies that identify quantitative and qualitative opportunities for improvement

Consumer Market Research

Consumer market analysis reports showing coffee trends, consumption data and other indicators to identify or evaluate strategic market opportunities for trade

Standards and Evaluation

Coffee quality assessment (cupping) and creating new grading standards or defining best practices in agriculture, harvesting, processing, sorting, and storage

Equity and Diversity

Advice on how to make the a coffee sector more inclusive (gender, youth, disabled and disadvantaged) through identification of relevant market actors who have the right incentive to make it happen in a sustainable way

Trade Associatons

Industry trade association facilitation, organization, and capacity building. Working with industry stakeholders to create functional producer/exporter organizations to manage domestic and international issues

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