Coffee Value Chain Consulting

International development agencies significantly impact the coffee value chain, especially in developing countries. They focus on enhancing farmers’ skills and production methods, ensuring fair market access, and advocating for equitable policies. Agencies invest in infrastructure, promote sustainable practices through research, and offer financial services to manage risks.

Coffee Strategies supports development agency efforts to bolster the industry’s sustainability, connect farmers with global markets, and improve livelihoods, thereby fostering a more resilient and fair coffee value chain.

Policy Guidance

Assistance in designing policy for agriculture, trade, and enabling business environments that improves income from coffee production as a sustainable, high-value specialty crop.

Market Access

Reducing trade barriers and creating sustainable trade linkages between buyers and coffee producers

SME Consulting

Small and medium enterprise management consulting, including business planning, marketing and brand creation, communication, risk analysis, inventory and personnel management training and best practices to improve smallholder or SME performance

Trade Associaton Capacity Building

Capacity building for trade association; counseling industry stakeholders to create functional producer/exporter organizations to manage domestic and international issues

Climate-Smart Agroforestry

Climate-smart agroforestry and sustainable business practices that reduce carbon output and forest loss, while increasing value and biodiversity.

Technical Reports and Studies

Coffee industry technical research reports and custom studies that identify quantitative and qualitative opportunities for improvement

Market Research

Market analysis reports showing coffee trends, consumption data, and other indicators to identify or evaluate strategic market opportunities for trade.

Standards and Evaluation

Coffee quality assessment (cupping) and creating new quality grading standards or defining best practices in agriculture, harvesting, processing, sorting, and storage.

Equity and Diversity

Guidance for a more inclusive (gender, youth, disabled and disadvantaged) industry through identification of relevant market actors who have the right incentive to make it happen sustainably.

Certification Assistance

Sustainability standards and certifications, evaluating certification options and guidance to following program criteria for certification brand marks including Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade (US and International), certified organic, Kosher and more.

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