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Coffee Value Chain Strategies by Andrew Hetzel

Coffee Industry Analysis

We help coffee roasting businesses and green coffee producers to reach new consumer markets. For institutional investors, we research and provide guidance on market opportunities or industry trends.

Coffee Roasting Business

Are you starting a new coffee roasting business? We offer practical advice and industry resources to design it better and save you money. For established roasting companies, we streamline operating procedures or build new facilities like laboratories.

Coffee Value Chain Development

Improve the value of coffee value chain trade with our quality assurance, origin brand marketing and technical coffee agriculture services. Increase productivity, differentiate quality and reach new markets for high value cash crop exports.

Green Coffee Trade Marketing

Increase price premiums with our coffee origin brand development and trade marketing services. We help you to create strong brand and promote your message to coffee industry buyers.

Coffee Laboratory Analysis

Better understand the quality and sensory characteristics of your coffee. We grade and cup coffee so that you can identify quality issues or describe your coffees to customers.

Coffee Supply Chain Strategies

Lower operating costs and reduce waste by aligning interests throughout the coffee supply chain. We help you to improve communication and processes from the coffee farm to consumer.

Consulting Services that Improve Coffee Value

Brazil Specialty Coffee Association

Brazil Specialty Coffee Association

Brand development and trade marketing for the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association, Brazil's leading coffee industry trade association

Soyuz Coffee Roasting

Soyuz Coffee Roasting

Building a specialty coffee roasting business in Russia for private commercial company Soyuz

Uganda Coffee Development Authority

Uganda Coffee Development Authority

Coffee value chain development and strategic planning for UCDA supported by aBi Trust



Coffee value chain development and origin trade marketing for Yemen, supported by USAID

Industry Subject Matter Experts

Mr. Hetzel said the New York specialty coffee scene was in its infancy just five years ago, far behind cities like Portland and San Francisco, but has recently blossomed into one of the most vibrant in the world.

April 10, 2014

Wall Street Journal

Says Hetzel: “Single-serve is clearly the future of the coffee business.”

March 2, 2011

Time Magazine

“Coffee is something that has been with humanity for 1,500 years,” Hetzel said. “It’s not going anywhere any time soon.”

April 20, 2009


“You don’t see an Apple campaign for how well they treat workers in factories,” Mr. Hetzel said, referring to reports of poor working conditions at factories owned by some of the technology giant’s subcontractors. “But the coffee industry in particular seems to be especially sensitive to the environment and to workers.”

September 27, 2012

New York Times

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A 6-day coffee Q Grader teaching course and certificate exam will be held at Coffee Express Roasting Company‘s SCAA Education Campus in Plymouth, Michigan on October 28 – November 2, 2015. Postponed for now but we’re going to reschedule so please... read more

Latte Art Increases Coffee Value: Study

The connection between aesthetics and people’s perception of value is something that has been long known and studied by sensory scientists but a direct link between latte art and coffee drinkers’ perception of coffee value has remained anecdotal: until now.

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Women farmers win first Myanmar coffee competition

I’m pleased to announce the results of the first national coffee cupping competition held in Myanmar this May, where two women smallholder farmers were awarded first and second place in their category and the overall event.

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