Coffee Value Chain Specialists

Make better coffee, sell coffee better.

Coffee Value Chain Specialists

Add value to coffee farming and trade from increased productivity and coffee quality

Green Coffee Trade Marketing

Highly specialized coffee industry trade marketing to sell more green coffee at higher price premiums

Roasting Plant Services

Design and improve coffee roasting business operations and facilities

Consulting services for coffee industry stakeholders that improve productivity and value of trade

Timor-Leste Coffee Industry Association

Asian Development Bank

Capacity development for a coffee industry trade association in Timor-Leste


U.S. Agency for International Development

Coffee industry capacity development and market linkages for USAID projects in Myanmar and Yemen

Coffee Quality Institute

Coffee Quality Institute

Services for Coffee Quality Institute projects in Colombia, Ecuador, East Africa, Myanmar and Yemen

Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Relief Services

Capacity development and market linkages for the CRS Coffeelands Program in Ecuador

Recognized Coffee Industry Subject Matter Experts

Mr. Hetzel said the New York specialty coffee scene was in its infancy just five years ago, far behind cities like Portland and San Francisco, but has recently blossomed into one of the most vibrant in the world.

April 10, 2014

Wall Street Journal

Says Hetzel: “Single-serve is clearly the future of the coffee business.”

March 2, 2011

Time Magazine

“Coffee is something that has been with humanity for 1,500 years,” Hetzel said. “It’s not going anywhere any time soon.”

April 20, 2009


“You don’t see an Apple campaign for how well they treat workers in factories,” Mr. Hetzel said, referring to reports of poor working conditions at factories owned by some of the technology giant’s subcontractors. “But the coffee industry in particular seems to be especially sensitive to the environment and to workers.”

September 27, 2012

New York Times

From our Coffee Blog:

Timor-Leste Coffee Quality Competition Won by Smallholder Farmer

Smallholder farmers cultivating Timor-Leste's signature heirloom coffee variety led the field in the country's inaugural national cup quality contest. The competition ran from November 28 – December 3rd in conjunction with Festival Kafe Timor, a weeklong celebration...

Timor-Leste Forms First Coffee Industry Association

Just in time for this year's International Coffee Day, Timor-Leste has formed its first coffee industry association, which promises to be a historic first step toward revitalization of the country's coffee industry. You've likely heard of Timor-Leste before, possibly...

Ecuador Taza Dorada Robusta Competition Results

"Jasmine," "kiwi," "green apple," and "banana" were just some of the flavors used to describe winning coffees at the first Taza Dorada Robusta (Robusta Golden Cup) national coffee competition that concluded this past week in Lago Agrio, Ecuador. The event was...

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