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01/18/24 Daily Coffee News Unintended Consequences of EU Deforestation-Free Regulation (EUDR) on Smallholder Coffee Producers, Part 2
01/16/24 Daily Coffee News Unintended Consequences of EU Deforestation-Free Regulation (EUDR) on Smallholder Coffee Producers, Part 1
10/06/23 Modern Retail Why Blue Bottle is rolling out its first capsule collaboration with Nespresso
06/01/23 New Ground
What do localised coffee flavour wheels mean for the industry?
02/01/23 BBC World Service, Business Matters Andrew Hetzel on a recent study of caffeine found in popular coffee brands and beverages for Business Matters, starting at 38’00”
10/01/22 China24 Andrew Hetzel on National Coffee Day
09/29/22 Grid News Will Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro destroy Brazil’s coffee business if he wins re-election?
06/07/22 Perfect Daily Grind Should coffee roasters add robusta to blends if arabica prices increase?
05/19/22 New Ground Magazine Could high-quality robusta replace arabica?
05/18/22 China24 Andrew Hetzel on China’s brewing coffee market (YouTube video)
04/18/22 Coffee Intelligence Are Ugandan coffee exports to China a form of diplomacy?
03/14/22 STiR Coffee and Tea Uganda Coffee Farmers Can’t BEE-lieve Their Luck
12/02/21 The Street Coffee Prices Surge But Consumers Have Yet to Feel the Burn, Analysts Say
11/29/21 STiR Coffee and Tea U.N. Agency Eyes Big Opportunity for Intellectual Property In Coffee
11/09/21 Daily Coffee News World Intellectual Property Organization Conference Explores Value Addition in Coffee Production
12/09/20 Global Coffee Review Timor-Leste: Coming of Age
11/20/20 Coffee or Die Is there such a thing as 100% American coffee?
10/30/20 Map it Forward Podcast Episode #126: Andrew Hetzel
10/25/20 BeanScene Timor-Leste: A Rising Star
01/9/20 Investor Place Luckin Coffee’s Success is Great News for Starbucks Shareholders
08/16/19 Daily Coffee News The Extraction Feels a Little Bitter About Restaurant Coffee
06/28/19 USC US-China Institute The Evolution Of China’s Coffee Industry
05/29/19 Business Advantage PNG Papua New Guinea’s coffee industry should focus on more profitable niches
05/22/19 The National PNG coffee, our national pride
04/12/19 Macau Hub Challenges but huge potential for Timorese coffee
12/18/18 Colombia Is Beginning To Experiment With Growing Robusta
12/16/18 Wall Street Journal Why Does Your Coffee Taste Like Tires? A Battle Brews Between Beans
10/28/18 STiR Coffee and Tea Revitalizing PNG
08/17/18 Daily Coffee News High-Quality Coffee Provides Hope in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea
08/14/18 Greater Baton Rouge Business Report CC’s Coffee House is giving expansion a second try
03/16/18 TIME Magazine TIME Coffee: The Culture. the Business. Your Health. (2018). United States: Time Incorporated Books.
11/02/17 The Rise of the Conservative Coffee Shop
08/15/17 Coffee Marketing Podcast Why you need to stay current within the specialty coffee industry
05/15/17 The Terrorist Threat to Your Daily Coffee — and What to Do About It
04/28/17 Los Angeles Business Journal Turning Up Heat Coffee shop part of roaster F. Gaviña & Sons’ expansion plans
01/09/17 Myanmar Coffee Is Having A Moment
12/05/16 Wall Street Journal Middle-Market Woes Inspire Starbucks’s Bet on Luxury Coffee
10/07/16 Reuters Taboo coffee gets reappraisal amid climate, market changes
10/06/16 Business Insider Here’s why coffee tastes weird on an airplane
10/03/16 Daily Coffee News A Major Boost for Timorese Coffee as Timor-Leste Coffee Association Forms
08/30/16 Daily Coffee News Following Groundbreaking Development, Burmese Coffee Arrives on US Soil
08/05/16 Daily Coffee News Quality Comes Through at Ecuador’s First Ever National Robusta Competition
06/10/16 USA Today 12 Sommeliers tasting things other than wine
05/06/16 Devex Myanmar’s journey to specialty coffee and its lessons for smallholder farmers
04/20/16 Daily Coffee News US Buyers Showing Burgeoning Interest in Coffee from Myanmar
03/25/16 Daily Coffee News After Record-Breaking Competition, Myanmar Coffees Coming to Atlanta
03/21/16 Travel & Leisure Magazine Why Does Airplane Coffee Taste Weird?
12/18/15 Caterer Middle East Exploring the future of Yemen’s coffee
12/11/15 Arabian Business From Yemen coffee fields to a Texan lab: the struggle to resurrect a traditional Arabic sector
10/01/15 STiR Tea and Coffee Surprise at Myanmar’s First Official Cupping Competition
08/14/15 Perfect Daily Grind Everything You Need to Know About Single Origin Coffees
07/28/15 Daily Coffee News Women Farmers Win at First Myanmar National Cupping Competition
07/28/15 SCA News Women Farmers Top First Myanmar Coffee Competition
07/15/15 US News & World Report How to Trim Your Caffeine Costs
07/01/15 New York Post Your morning coffee is about to get a little cheaper
05/04/15 Daily Coffee News You don’t have to fly to Hawaii to taste Ka’u but you probably should
05/13/15 Prevention Are you Drinking Moldy Coffee?
04/13/15 Greatest How to make the perfect French press coffee
04/10/15 Seattle Times At coffee convention, talk of rebranding the lowly robusta
04/03/15 La Colombe Coffee Blog Yemeni Coffee: Q&A with Andrew Hetzel
03/30/15 Daily Coffee News Stranded Yemeni-American Trying to Flee Civil War for U.S. Coffee Events
05/24/15 Prevention How science is messing with your morning coffee
10/28/14 MarketWatch 10 things Starbucks won’t tell you
09/30/14 CNBC Korean coffee chains look to fill America’s caffeine fix
08/11/14 Prevention Corn, and 3 other weird and unwelcome fillers in coffee
04/14/14 Daily Coffee News Is This Hot New All-You-Can-Drink App a Threat to Quality Differentiation?
04/10/14 Wall Street Journal Would you pay $85 month for unlimited espresso?
04/10/14 The Weather Network Could coffee be extinct by 2050?
01/22/14 Barista Magazine 10 Minutes with Andrew Hetzel
12/05/13 Daily Coffee News Top Lot Price Doubles, Big Gains at Brazil Cup of Excellence Auction
11/21/13 MarketWatch Sales of Single Serve Coffee Have Tripled Since 2011
10/14/13 Houston Chronicle How the Coffee Business Works
10/10/13 Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry. (2013). United States: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
05/19/13 MarketWatch The $11,111 coffeemaker
10/24/12 Let’s Talk Let’s Talk Coffee: Robusta Move!
09/27/12 New York Times This Wake-Up Cup Is Fair-Trade Certified
01/06/12 Macchiatone Communications Halevy, A. (2011). The Infinite Emotions of Coffee. United States: Macchiatone Communications.
01/01/12 Roast Magazine The New Frontier: Specialty coffee’s emergence in China, India, the Middle East and Russia
03/07/11 TIME Magazine Pod of Gold
09/10/09 Inc. Magazine Engineering a better cup of coffee
09/01/09 James Beard Foundation Jobs We Love: Andrew Hetzel
07/12/09 Puget Sound Business Journal Tully’s new blend: add stores
04/20/09 High-end Coffee Business Slows During Recession
02/17/09 Associated Press Starbucks begins dipping toes into market for instant coffee
02/13/09 CNN Money Starbucks instant: Will it pass the taste test?
08/18/08 Bloomberg Starbucks: Big Investors’ Divorce Grounds
07/18/08 Bloomberg Vying with Starbucks: a love hate thing
02/12/07 QSR Magazine Coffee is Hot at 2007 National Restaurant Show
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