Invest in the Staff

Coffee shop baristas are the face and best representatives of a coffee shop. They will interact with customers, prepare the beverages, and protect your investment daily.

Several employee workforce models may apply to your business. These range from the food service style of unskilled workers hired at low wages to press buttons to fine dining executive chefs. There is a style best suited to every business model.

With any approach, please choose the best possible coffee shop baristas for the position and compensate them fairly. Hire intelligent and eager people, then give them the training, support, and compensation (monetary or otherwise) to succeed.

1000% employee turnover rates are typical in minimum wage fast food restaurants. Consider the actual cost this has for a small retail business:

  • product inconsistencies resulting from an inexperienced staff
  • high training costs for new hires
  • poor skills and employee morale resulting from low wages

Remember, these staff interact with your customers. What image of a business do they project?

Technology tools are available to reduce the skill level required of your people to perform their jobs. Super-automatic espresso machines perform all the steps of a coffee shop barista, from bean to cup, at the press of a single button. As helpful as these devices may be, remember to use technology as a tool, not a crutch. Technology is beneficial to assist employees, but it can only solve some problems.

Look for enthusiastic applicants with stable job histories and good references—ideally, those looking for longer-term positions. The return on human investment from reliable job performance will outweigh any upfront expense.

Also, consider that money alone may not influence the best candidates. Professional development opportunities or benefits like medical insurance coverage can go far to attract a stable workforce. Work with an experienced payroll or professional employer organization to develop an employee compensation package representing your values.