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Coffee and the industry that produces it are vastly complex subjects involving overlapping disciplines of science, agriculture, global trade, finance, proprietary skills & protocols and culinary artistry. No one segment of the coffee industry can exist without the others. For coffee profesional to excel, it is crucial to understand his or her place in the bigger picture: where coffee comes from, how it is traded, where and how it will be used.

We conduct online training classes using videoconferencing tools and in-depth live seminars on any of the following topics:

  • History: coffee’s origins and cultural significance
  • Coffee science: the biology of coffee plants and chemistry of coffee, including caffeine
  • Growing / harvesting: how coffee is grown and harvested in various producing origins and best practices that yield better quality
  • Processing: the many ways that coffee is transformed from fruit to the seed that we commonly refer to as a coffee bean and each method’s impact on flavor and other sensory characteristics
  • Grading: how green coffee is evaluated, separated and labeled differently in each producing country, as well as common internationally accepted grading standards for green coffee
  • Coffee trading: the commerce of coffee, how it is contracted, traded and transported around the globe
  • Roasting: the deeply intwined science, technology and artistry necessary to transform green coffee to a roasted product ready for consumption
  • Brewing: the deceptively complex science of coffee preparation: our many techniques for extracting coffees solids for optimal taste
  • Social issues: aspects of coffee affecting the millions of mostly impoverished farmers worldwide who rely on coffee as a cash crop
  • Certifications: the coffee market’s attempt to distinguish coffees produced adhering to specific value systems (Certified Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Utz Cafe, 4C, Fair Trade, Direct Trade, etc.) and what they mean

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