Velo Rouge Cafe launches onto San Francisco coffee scene

A hearty congratulations goes out to our friends at the Velo Rouge Cafe in San Francisco for being named one of the top destinations for coffee in the Bay Area by Just a short 6 months after undertaking a rigorous campaign of training and quality improvements, the Velo Rouge has gone from “average” Presidio local coffee shop to one of the Nation’s finest.

Velo Rouge Cafe

Read the official review here. And be sure to check out the complete trip report.

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Velo Rouge Cafe launches onto San Francisco coffee scene

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  1. I stumbled or perhaps pedaled onto this little gem whilst taking a my own tour of SF on one of those red hire bicycles which are almost omnipresent in the bay area. Even from first observations it reminded me of the type of cafe one would see back home in OZ any feelings of self consciousness whilst placing the hip (not) red hire bike onto the very hip spiral bike rack outside this themed cafe were quickly dissipated by my overwhelming need for quality coffee. Already in the states for five weeks and I was frustrated at how hard it was to get decent espresso coffee, although the few days I had been in SF I had found it easier to get decent espresso coffee. Upon entering, this cafe had the look and atmosphere of a cafe you would find in either Melbourne, Sydney or perhaps almost anywhere in OZ with the addeed bonus of beer both bottled and on tap, well done. Needless to say the coffe I had was probably the best of my entire seven weeks in the US so good that the following day I went out of my way to take my wife there for lunch before we headed south on highway one. Congrats to Velo Rouge for great coffee, menu and atmosphere.

    Simon O’Brien

    Simon O'Brien September 8, 2008 at 4:34 pm #

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