Coffee scientist Shawn Steiman has released his first work, the
Hawaii Coffee Book: A Gourmet’s Guide from Kona to Kaua’i, by Watermark Publishing. Pre-orders are being accepted now, with the first shipments expected next month — I hear that some advance copies have already shipped and recently put in an order myself.

From the publisher of the Hawaii Coffee Book:

The Hawaiian Islands are known worldwide for gourmet coffee from the Kona Coast, but real aficionados know that in Hawai‘i, Kona coffee is only the beginning. The only place in the United States growing coffee as a commercial crop, the Aloha State hosts a thriving industry encompassing 11 major regions on five islands—producing more than seven million pounds of coffee last year valued at over $30 million. The Hawaii Coffee Book: A Gourmet’s Guide from Kona to Kaua‘i is the first-ever comprehensive overview of the Islands’ most recognizable and highly coveted product.

I have not yet read the final version of the book, but did see some of the notes and expect that this will be a perfect addition to any coffee reading library, gift for coffee-interested friends and colleagues or inventory item for your coffee shop or visitor center.

Shawn will be appearing next at the Coffee Fest / Hawaii Coffee Association conference in Waikoloa on June 6-8.