The best article about Kona coffee ever written

Hana Hou magazine

You have read the title and are skeptical. That’s okay, you should be, which is why you need to read the article Adventures in Coffeeland, which debuted today in the October / November edition of Hana Hou.

Author Jesse Katz, who I had the privilege of meeting on his Kona coffee fact-finding tour to Hawaii, has done the near-impossible by delightfully capturing the spirit, hype, specialty, confusion and contradiction that is Kona coffee all in one tidy little article that leaves you wanting more. Amazing.

While you’re there, be sure to check out the other articles on Hana Hou too, it’s far better than you would ever expect from an airline magazine; then again, there are many great things found in Hawaii where least expected when you know where to look.


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