Beginning this month, Vournas Coffee Trading will import coffees from Kaapi Royale Coffee of Karnataka, India to The Annex warehouse location in Oakland, California.

Offerings from Kaapi Royale Coffee include top scoring traditional and special preparation arabica microlots from India’s key growing regions, as well as ultra-premium robusta (conventional, biodynamic and organic certified) and rare liberica coffees from Sethuraman Estate.

“We had really never tasted anything like the Sethuraman robustas before,” remarked Vournas Coffee Trading co-founder Andrew Vournas, “clean, sweet, delicate acidity and a rich buttery mouthfeel, but without the rubbery or bitter aftertaste normally found in robusta. These are exactly the sort of high-end but under the radar coffees that we look for to provide value to our clients.”

A coffee from Sethuraman Estate is the highest-ever robusta reviewed by, with a score of 94 points from Ken Davids when evaluated as a single origin espresso.

“Indian specialty coffees are still relatively unknown in North America,” admits Kaapi Royale Coffee Managing Partner Nishant Gurjer, “so we are very pleased to have Vournas Coffee Trading as a new partner who can help to give our coffees greater visibility and a stable home in America.”

For additional information or availability, visit the Vournas Coffee Trading website at or call 818-879-1443.

About Vournas Coffee Trading

Vournas Coffee Trading is a family run, full-service specialty green coffee importing company founded in 2002 by brothers Andrew and Michael Vournas. Known for an old world style of helpful service, Vournas maintains a selection of conventional, shade grown, certified and decaffeinated green coffees on both U.S. coasts. For more information, visit

About Kaapi Royale Coffee

Kaapi Royale Coffee of Magundi in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka, India, exports specialty Indian coffees and is the exclusive representative of Sethuraman Estate coffees. Sethuraman Estate is the three-time winner of “Best Robusta” in the Coffee Board of India’s Flavour of India competition and received the highest-ever rating for a Robusta coffee of 94 points from coffee reviewer Ken Davids. For more information, visit