It’s been over 5 years since I began jotting down my thoughts, tips, press releases and frustrations with the coffee industry to this blog and I have always wondered “who is reading this stuff?” So, I thought, why not ask: who are you?

In two sentences, post a reply below to describe your business, what you do and how you got involved in coffee. Anyone related to coffee (producers, importer/exporters, roasters, retailers, affiliated service businesses and industry suppliers, writers, bloggers etc.) is welcome to post and be sure to include your web address for a link and subsequent free publicity for future readers. The post will be up for the next 5 years and with any luck, longer.

One note: only legitimate coffee businesses please, no link referral websites, pyramid schemes, herbs and fungi made to sound like coffee or kopi luwak. I understand that kopi luwak is technically coffee, but I have a moral problem promoting the stuff, as it is a gimmick that promotes cruelty to animals.

I’ll start off below and let’s see how many participants we can get!