Coffees from Kaapi Royale Coffee of Magundi, India received three of the four highest cupping scores awarded in the October 2009 edition of Coffee Review.

“India provides some of the world’s most valuable coffee types for espresso blends, yet these same exotic coffee types are seldom offered as single origins,” wrote veteran reviewer Ken Davids in his summary of October’s reviews. “On the other hand, the majestic, deeply forested old India coffee estates do produce quietly distinctive Arabicas capable of pleasing even the most purist of coffee drinkers.”

Top-scoring Kaapi Royale coffees included a Selection 9 pulped natural Arabica (91 points) submitted by roaster Miguel Meza of Hawaii, a natural processed Arabica (90 points) from Zingerman’s Coffee Company of Ann Arbor, Michigan and Sethuraman Estate’s Mandarin CxR Cogenesis into Robusta (89 points) from Paradise Roasters of Minnesota.

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About Kaapi Royale

Kaapi Royale Coffee of Magundi in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka, India, exports fine Indian Arabica and Robusta coffees worldwide and is the exclusive representative of Sethuraman Estate coffees. Sethuraman Estate is the three-time winner of “Best Robusta” in the Coffee Board of India’s Flavour of India competition and received the highest-ever rating for a Robusta coffee of 94 points from coffee reviewer Ken Davids of Coffee Review. For more information, visit