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First Myanmar coffees coming to SCAA in Atlanta

Myanmar coffee is coming to the Specialty Coffee Association of America event in Atlanta. This will be the first time that an organized producer group from the origin has visited the United States and also the first season that specialty coffee is available for export...

Latte Art Increases Coffee Value: Study

The connection between aesthetics and people’s perception of value is something that has been long known and studied by sensory scientists but a direct link between latte art and coffee drinkers’ perception of coffee value has remained anecdotal: until...

Women farmers win first Myanmar coffee competition

In the first Myanmar coffee competition, two women smallholder farmers secured first and second place in their category and the overall event. Results were announced and trophies presented at a formal ceremony last week in Pyin Oo Lwin. I had the honor of...

Coffee discounts – is saving money on coffee a good idea?

It’s important to remember that coffee is a food product and as with most things, you get what you pay for. As with all other foods, there is a sliding scale of cost, quality and convenience when considering dining out versus eating at home.

Science backs coffee as a healthy part of your diet

Popular YouTube medical investigation series Healthcare Triage recently featured coffee and its impact on health. The results are not surprising to those of us working in the coffee or medical industries but still, the image of coffee as a vice persists despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary.

Falling coffee prices threaten supply

Last week’s interview with the New York Post was a quick one: J.M. Smucker, major producer of American grocery store retail coffee brands Millstone, Dunkin’ Donuts, Folgers and others announced a 6% price cut and smaller package sizes in order to attract customers lost in recent years’ price hikes. It’s a straightforward story of a major consumer packaged goods seller reducing retail costs for the purpose of wooing back customers lost to competition… or is it?

Bulletproof coffee: latest coffee health craze

The Bulletproof Coffee offering seems entertaining but harmless enough, particularly when compared to other more insidious gimmicks like kopi luwak, green coffee diets and multi-level marketing schemes featuring other fungi, herbs and detritus misleadingly marketed as coffee, which unlike this one may do real environmental or health damage while separating fools from their money. So why has this latest caffeinated reincarnation of the fountain of youth concept gaining any attention from reputable media whatsoever?

Thoughts on the Upcoming SCAA Symposium in Seattle

I recently watched Aaron Davis’ 2013 SCAA Symposium lecture in Boston, “Arabica — from Origin to Extinction,” and found myself reflecting on the profound impact of his research and also feeling grateful for the opportunity to share that knowledge, which has reshaped my view of the world relating to coffee.

Korea re-exports coffee house concepts

Successful Korean coffee retail cafe chains like Caffe Bene and Paris Baguette already have dozens of locations within the United States and are eyeballing thousands of units in the next decade. What makes these brands so appealing to American consumers and can they beat Starbucks at the game it invented?